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Serene Software Services Overview

Serene Software is an IT consulting firm focused exclusively on providing high-value Enterprise Architecture (EA) services centered on five service families. For each service, Serene brings experienced Principal Consultants, a clear execution process, proven tools, and an enumerated set of deliverables. Serene engages its client at each phase in the process to gather data, participate in analysis, review advice/planning, and help clarify deliverables. Serene’s services can be scaled up to Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations, and down to nimble SMB’s and department-level engagements.

The 5 EA service families offered are:
  • IT Governance: IT Governance Analysis, Implementation Support, and Maintenance. SOA Governance Analysis, Implementation Support, and Maintenance.

  • IT Strategy: IT Strategy Analysis and Implementation Support. SOA Strategy and Implementation Support. Legacy Analysis, Retirement Strategy, and Implementation Support.

  • Cost Containment: Organization-Wide Analysis. License Analysis. Opens Source Adoption and Support. Virtualization Adoption and Support.

  • Solution Selection: Scoping, Selection, Acquisition, and Implementation Support for Business Applications, PMO Software, IT Infrastructure, and Developer Tools and Systems.

  • Audit and Analysis: IT Organization and Project Audits. Governance Audit (COBiT). At-Risk Project Audit. Development Environment Audit. Change Control and Build Audit. Application Performance Audit.

Service Value Model

Serene's Enterprise Architecture Value Model enumerates three top level categories of asserted value. The model focuses on tangible value and sets aside categories of value that are not clearly definable.

All services tangibly lower risk, provide measurable cost savings, and/or advance an organization’s pursuit of budget or revenue. The success of Serene engagements is judged internally by these metrics in order to align our efforts with our client’s success. In each engagement, Serene makes a commitment to its client's satisfaction and to providing measurable value once the plans and advice from the engagement are implemented.

Service Model

All Serene engagements are governed by a clear EA Service model that defines the Processes, Tools, and Deliverables customized to the given topic and client.

Presented at time of quote, the model makes explicit the steps that will be taken to provide the service and the minimum set of deliverables to be provided to complete the service. In all engagements, expectations are clearly set.

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