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Serene Software offers a comprehensive set of IT Governance (ITG) analysis and implementation services that maximize IT value through improved governance practices. Serene’s solutions cover general IT Governance services, SOA Governance services, and PMO foundation services. Each service works to help companies establish the organizational structures, processes, budgeting priorities, and governance policies needed to improve how IT is governed and ultimately improve how IT delivers.

Governance Issues

IT Organizations often find themselves experiencing pain related to flawed IT Governance such as:

  • IT priorities & projects are moving targets, reducing achievement, increasing frustration
  • Business customers view IT as opaque, difficult to influence, and unfocused on critical concerns
  • SOA initiatives started “technology first”, not meeting potential, lack business support
  • IT having difficulty proving value to the business
  • SOA Governance organizations & efforts out of line with core IT Governance
Serene Approach on IT Governance and SOA Governance

Serene Software’s approach to SOA Governance differs from many SOA Consultancies in that Serene views SOA Governance as a highly integrated extension to general IT Governance rather than a parallel or independent effort. There is no doubt that the advent of SOA has made the challenge of providing good governance more complex for the organizations pursuing SOA. As the interconnections between departments, partners, and customers becomes formalized through the establishment of service contracts, governance organizations, policies, processes, and tooling must all be improved to accommodate the increased complexity. With this in mind, Serene believes that the best approach is a careful extension of a company’s existing/core IT Governance approach rather than a wholesale rewrite or replication of those efforts for SOA.

Key Benefits

Key Offerings

  • Improved IT – Business Relations
  • Reduced spend on misaligned priorities
  • Reduced risk of SOA effort failure
  • Improved IT & SOA implementation quality
  • IT value to business more visible
  • IT priorities more stable & achievable

IT Governance:
  • IT Governance Analysis
  • IT Governance Implementation Support
    • Executive Council Implementation
    • Change Control Implementation
    • Config. Control Implementation
    • PMO Team/Dept. Implementation
  • IT Governance Audit
  • IT Budgeting & Funding Review
  • IT Governance Tooling Selection Support
SOA Governance Analysis
  • SOA Governance Implementation Support
    • SOA Executive Council Implementation
    • SOA Architecture Group Implementation
    • SOA Governance Audit
    • SOA Budgeting & Funding Review
    • SOA Governance Tool Selection
  • IT Governance Audit
  • IT Budgeting & Funding Review
  • IT Governance Tooling Selection Support
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