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Welcome to the era of "big data"
Serene Cloud Data Services
Enterprise Data is Growing Ever Larger

  • Enterprise data is growing from the terabyte to petabyte scale at a rapidly increasing rate
  • Growth is complicated by requirements to join structured data with larger unstructured data sets
  • Meta-data is rapidly growing based on the need to enrich structured and unstructured data using semantic technologies
Physical World is ERODING Old Solutions
  • Basic physics is dictating major changes in how we compute
  • Data Warehousing solutions can no longer count on buying a bigger machine to solve scale issues
  • Gains in processor speeds are slowing
  • Multi-core chips are replacing faster chips as path forward
  • Multi-core, multi-chip machines (8,16,32+ processors) are replacing single or dual chip machines
  • Software and underlying algorithms that performed well in the legacy environment will not scale without significant change
  • Solutions that once fit on a single machine must now scale to clusters, grids, and Clouds
Necessity Remains the Mother of Invention
  • Internet-scale companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) sensed the need for Petabyte scale data analytics before smaller-scale organizations and were forced to innovate to mine data, serve results, and control cost
  • Google openly described its innovations in research papers describing its Google File System, Big Table data store, and MapReduce distributed data analysis algorithm
  • The Apache Foundation hosts open source implementations of these concepts in the Hadoop project and related projects
  • The Hadoop technologies have been adopted and sponsored by many companies including Yahoo!, Microsoft (Powerset), Facebook,, CNet, E-Harmony,, AdMob and by dozens of emerging internet startups
Opportunities Exist for Leaders to Seize
  • Leaders will gain advantage through better knowledge of their customers, vendors, pricing, and intellectual property
  • Your business leaders will find new opportunities to create business and/or save costs given more powerful analytics
  • Organizations that harness the power of Cloud-scale Data Analytics will improve faster and outpace their competitors
Serene Can Help You Move Forward & Manage   Risk
  • Strategy Workshops to determine potential value
  • Prototype Implementations to demonstrate solution value
  • Courses to speed up your Cloud Data Analytics Strategy, Governance, and Implementation
  • Staffing Solutions for high quality resources
  • Serene Software provides a comprehensive set of services that help organizations identify opportunities to harness these maturing technologies, manage risk, and deliver value.

Cloud Data Analytics Strategy Workshop

The workshop provides leadership and a disciplined framework for our clients to discover strategic data sets (internal and external), strategic uses of advanced data analytics, a Cloud Data business case, and a detailed adoption plan.

  • Duration: 3-8 Weeks, depending on goals
  • DELIVERABLES: Deliverable: Strategy Report, Key Opportunities, High-level business case
Cloud Data Prototype Services

Our prototype services provide a comprehensive program for identifying, specifying, implementing, and analyzing the success of a high-value data analytics problem.

  • Duration: 2-8 Weeks, depending on goals
  • DELIVERABLES: Installed Hadoop instance, integration with Key Data Sets, Functioning Prototype for given scope
Cloud Data Analytic Courses
  • Cloud data analytics for executives: (1 Day) Provides executives with a top down understanding of Cloud Data capabilities, the opportunities for gaining a competitive edge, and a framework for reliably implementing these opportunities.
  • Cloud data analytics for Managers: (2 Days) In addition to the executive themes, this two day course will provide managers with an architectural overview of the Hadoop platform, a technical framework for evaluating suitable opportunities, and a technical overview of various solutions.
  • Cloud data analytics for developers: (5 Days) Adding to the manager’s course, the 5-day developer course adds 1.5-days of code overviews of the major components and themes in Hadoop. The remaining 1.5 days is spent in small teams building a small project relevant to business needs.

Serene has access to a set of exceptional developers skilled in Apache Hadoop, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Algorithm Design, Distributed Programming and System Tuning, and Polyglot Programming. We are able to provide specialized staffing solutions on both a permanent placement and contract basis. As your Cloud Data Analytics/Hadoop needs grow with your success, Serene will be there to ensure you maintain high quality teams.

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